We are a business intelligence company, based out of Georgetown, Connecticut and with offices in Berlin, Germany.  Our team is comprised of data scientists, intelligence programmers and front-end designers skilled in user interface design. 

Our mission is to aid businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations in their efforts to get the most out of their data. In an age where the constant barrage of data from a multitude of sources can feel overwhelming, our artificial intelligence engines are equipped to efficiently analyze vast amounts of data and glean out key information.

All of our engines practice sophisticated machine learning, and so they are able to catch subtle patterns in data that might be missed by the human eye.

As well as performing deep analysis, our engines are also able to transform unstructured information into manageable formats, providing optimum clarity in the decision making process of any company.

Powered by the BIWorks engine, facility administrators will be able to wield a powerful tool in the world of data intelligence and organization, making managing their facility easier than ever before.

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